The Progress & Inclusion Centre and the Behaviour Support Centre

Our department provides a quality, coordinated service for all our learners. We ensure effective liaison and partnerships between Year Team Leaders, Safeguarding, Support, Inclusion, Progress Mentors, Emotional Health, Family Support, local authority and other external supporting agencies.

Aims of the Department

  • To respond to the diverse needs of learners in order to enable their inclusion.

  • To develop support links with parents/carers.

  • To improve attendance and punctuality.

  • To develop extensive, comprehensive and integrated records for all learners.

  • To monitor individual learner's support programmes and logs.

  • To monitor and evaluate the success of its work.

We have close links with external supporting agencies such as the School Health Advisory Services, Neighbourhood Policing Units, Social Services and voluntary bodies with whom we regularly liaise. Learner bodies such as Peer Mentors, other delegate groups and the School Council also have an important voice. Such a wide range of expertise allows us to safeguard and respond effectively to diverse learner needs and parental concerns.

Issues and concerns may include anything that may be a barrier to learning and success, such as: attainment, behaviour and anger management, emotional health, bullying, bereavement, phobia, illness or injury, sexuality, child protection, community issues, general health, domestic violence, substance abuse, etc.

John Burnham: Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Amanda Crompton: Head of Behaviour & Inclusion and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Helen Hewitt: Emotional Health and Wellbeing Worker

Jo Butler: Behaviour for Learning Mentor & Year Team Leader (Year 7)

Helen Hudson: Behaviour for Learning Mentor

Allison Davies: Attendance Officer