Geography is the study of our planet, investigating the relationships between people and the environment, at scales ranging from the local to the global.

 Learning at Key Stage 3 

We learn about a wide range of geographical topics in Key Stage 3 with a view to developing a greater understanding of the world around us. Whilst we aim to build a strong foundation for learners opting to study Geography at GCSE, we also develop a range of transferable knowledge and skills.

Key Stage 3
Geography Course Overviews 2019-20

 Key Stage 4

Course Overviews 2019 -20

Urban issues and challenges

Living world


Mock Issue Evaluation 1

Human Geography Fieldwork (Salford Quays)



Mock Issues Evaluation 2

Changing Economic World 1

Physical Geography fieldwork (River Wyre)

Changing Economic World 2


Issues Evaluation

The course is assessed through 100% examination. There are three exam papers:

  • Paper 1: Physical geography (35%)

  • Paper 2: Human geography (35%)

  • Paper 3: Issue evaluation and fieldwork (30%)