Media Studies


Media Studies is designed to enable learners to develop an understanding of the role of mass media in society. Within this qualification, you will study forms of media such as TV, Film, advertising, magazines, web design, video games and digital photography are also recognised.

The subject has a theoretical, academic side as well as a practical side. You will learn the technical terms needed to analyse media texts in a systematic way, but you will also learn skills involved in producing media texts using media technology.

Media Studies provides a framework with which to explore ways in which media are constructed and interpreted, as well as opportunities for original creative work. This might consist of making and editing a short film, constructing a series of advertisements aimed at a variety of audiences, or designing and editing the pages of a magazine or newspaper targeted at a particular target audience. 

 Learning at Key Stage 4 

Key Stage 4

Media Studies Course Overviews 2019-20

 Learning at Key Stage 5 

BTEC Level 3 Creative Digital Media Production is being offered at Birchwood College  - Click here for more information