Poppy in Year 10 gets a call up for The U15 England training camp

Poppy in Year 10 gets a call up for The U15 England training camp


It was with great pride that we received the message that Poppy in Year 10 had been selected to take part in the England Under 15 training camp at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre last weekend.

Poppy who at present plays centre back for Manchester United was selected for this honour after being observed playing by undercover England scouts.

The training camp was second of two and overall 60 girls between 14 and 15 have taken part from all over the country.

During the camp, the girls had six 2-hour sessions where they were observed and recorded as they played plus a heavy  Educational element where the girls had work to do provided by school  so Poppy had Maths , English and PE work to complete.

There was time for fun though as the camp provided some fun festive entertainment too.

Out of the 60 girls taking part of the training camps, the head coach will now review their performance and 30 will be selected to take part in a 5-day camp in Switzerland at the beginning of February, where they will play fixtures against their counterparts on the Swiss team.

When Poppy received the email to say that she had won a place on the camp she thought it was an amazing opportunity and she was really excited and proud to wear the England Kit. She wasn’t disappointed and had a wonderful time where she gave it her all and hopes to have impressed the coaches.

She now awaits the email, hopefully to say she is off to Switzerland. Poppy said, “If they chose me it will be overwhelming. To make my first International debut at 14 would make me so proud. In addition, it would be great to get to go to Switzerland and play their under 15s. I will definitely look into the opposition if I get this great chance.”


Well done Poppy we are all rooting for you and so proud of your achievement so far!



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