UKMT Team Maths Challenge, St Edward’s College, Liverpool

UKMT Team Maths Challenge, St Edward’s College, Liverpool


Last Tuesday, a team of our best mathematicians, Jacob in 8NI, James in 8CI, Jacob in 9PC and Erika in 9WG, took part in the regional finals of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge at St Edward’s College in Liverpool.


Learners completed four rounds of maths problems. First, a group round working as a team to answer 10 questions. Second, a “Crossnumber” round, where teams had to work in pairs complete a numbers based crossword communicating with other pairs only by asking them to solve a particular clue. Next was a shuttle round, where the team again worked in pairs to solve four sets of four problems without communication. And finally, the team completed a fast and furious relay round with each pair solving as many problems as they could in 45 minutes.


Mr Speak who accompanied the learners said, “The team worked really well together and were displayed some excellent maths skills”.


The team finished eighth out of 25 teams, who representing some of the best state and private schools in the region. A great result.

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