Foodbank Friday at BCHS

Foodbank Friday, BCHS commits to offer regular support to the Warrington Foodbank


As part of our school ethos of working with the community, we have decided to make a regular commitment to support the Warrington Foodbank.


Traditionally we have had only one foodbank collection at Harvest Festival and though there was always huge support, what we did was a drop in the ocean for those in Warrington who are not as fortunate and due to circumstances, find it hard to put even basic food on the table.


Therefore, to show our support we will collect donations monthly, which we will deliver to the foodbank on the last Friday of each month.


Rob from the Warrington Foodbank was delighted and said, “This is fantastic, a regular donation that we can depend on will make all the difference to our supplies”.


The foodbank have supplied us with a trolley for donations, which will be by the general office. So if you can afford to send something in to support this worthy cause then please send either donations in with your child or drop donations into reception.

Thank you for your support.

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