Business Studies


To prepare our learners for life outside of school through understanding how the business world operates

To ensure our learners have the business knowledge and skills required to pursue the next stage or their education and enter the workplace.

To deliver a curriculum which is exciting and challenging whilst at the same time ensuring learners to be precise and confident in their business acumen

 Learning at Key Stage 4 

Learners have the opportunity to select BTEC Business First Award as an option in Key Stage 4. This course prepares you for the challenges of the working work in the 21st Century by focusing on current developments in the business and economic environment and how businesses respond to them. Business is an ever changing subject and we ensure that lesson material reflects current practice and ensures learners are aware of the diverse nature of business throughout the world.

In year 11 learners focus on units involving entrepreneurship and finance. Learners follow a course of planning a business venture and develop the soft skills seen by employers as crucial in pursuing a successful career.

Work is assessed through controlled assessment and an online examination.

Key Stage 4
BTEC Business Course Overviews 2018-19

 Learning at Key Stage 5 

At Key Stage 5 learners have the opportunity to study for a BTEC Sub Diploma in Business (the equivalent of 1 ‘A’ Level). We have developed a course which reflects the need of employers as learners study the key elements of business and our programme includes the use of the soft skills of communication, problem solving, time management, team work and decision making. We have based our assignments on local businesses which operate on local, national and international customers therefore enabling learners to develop understanding of the local business environment whilst completing the course.


We were one of the first schools in the country to be awarded specialist Business and Enterprise status and have developed a curriculum which learners find exciting and challenging using our links with businesses to ensure that learners gain the best experience.