KaSTs- January ‘24 

At Birchwood, we understand that meaningful assessment points:

  • Instil good revision habits.
  • Help students to understand how they are progressing and how to develop further.
  • Help staff to support students in the best way possible via the curriculum and targeted intervention.   

Years 7, 8 and 9
Year 7, 8 and 9 students will be assessed over a two-week period, starting on Monday 15th January. These assessments (KaSTs- Knowledge and Skills Tests)  will assess students’ understanding of key knowledge and skills that they have accumulated throughout the school year so far, within each subject.

Each test will comprise of:

  • 20 knowledge questions (students will be given a numerical score for this).
  • A skills section (students will be given a grade for this: developing, securing or extending).

This is nothing to worry about- rather, this is a chance for students to show what they have learnt over the course of the year so far and for us to identify any areas of support that we can put in place.

Year 10

Year 10 students will also be assessed during the same two- week period. These assessments will be GCSE- style papers, to prepare students for their examinations in year 11.

These examinations will help us to support students in the best possible way for the rest of the year.


If you would like some guidance on how students should prepare for their KaSTs, please watch the short videos below.



Please follow this link to access KaST Revision Resources


Preparing for KaSTs

Completing Revision Sheets

KaST Overview

This document shows which KaSTs will be taking place, when. If students are unsure of the exact date, they should ask their subject teacher.

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