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Mrs K Forster
Senior Assistant Headteacher
Curriculum & T&L Lead

Mr C Burrows
Senior Assistant Headteacher –
Pastoral Lead & Personal Development
Head of College

Ms N Jones
Assistant Headteacher – KS3

Mr D Heaton
Associate Assistant Headteacher
Data & Reporting

Mrs E Dempsey
Associate Assistant Headteacher
Personal Development KS3

Mr A O’Reilly
Business Manager

Amanda Crompton

Mrs A Crompton
Pastoral Manager


Mrs A Jones

Ms L Gilchrist

Mrs J Jenkinson

Miss C Russell

Mrs K Mckean

Mrs J Hickson

Miss A Davies

Mrs M Bird

Heads of Departments


Mrs E Dempsey


Mr D Heaton


Ms W Dannan

Business, Computing & Social Communication

Mr D Sutton

Ethics, Philosophy & Religion

Mrs E Dempsey


Mr R Bate


Mr P Cosby


Mrs L Kellard

Learning for Life

Mrs A Wardell

Performing Arts

Ms C Walsh

Physical Education

Mr D Yates

Art, Design & Technology

Mr R Ellwood

Full Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Ms E Mills
Deputy Headteacher: Mr J Burnham
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs K Forster
Pastoral Manager: Mrs A Crompton
Assistant Headteacher:  Ms N Jones
Assistant Headteacher/Head of Birchwood College: Mr C Burrows
School Business Manager: Mr A O’Reilly
Associate Assistant Headteacher/Whole School Literacy and Vocabulary Links: Mrs E Dempsey
Associate Assistant Headteacher/Data, Intervention and Progress: Mr D Heaton

Art, Design & Technology

Head of Art, Design and Technology: Mr R Elwood
Teacher of Art: Miss M Brennan
Teacher of  Textiles (Cover): Ms Tanya O’Hare
Teacher of Design and Technology: Mrs C Ikin
Teacher of Design and Technology: Mr C Walker

Business, Computing & Social Communication

Head of Business Studies & Computing: Mr D Sutton
Teacher of Media Studies & Computing: Mrs C Leonowicz
Assistant Head of College, Quality Nominee. Teacher of Health and Social Care: Mrs B Garratt
Subject Leader of Computing: ​Mr G Keane
Teacher of Law: Mrs J Roberts
Teacher of Psychology: ​Mrs L Roberts
Teacher of Health & Social Care: ​Miss T McAlinden


Head of English: Mrs E Dempsey
Teacher of English, NQT and ITT mentor: Miss E Fogg
Teacher of English, Second in Department: Mr C Merrick
Teacher of English and SEND: Mrs A O’Brien
Teacher of English: Miss T Woods
Teacher of English: Miss E Evans
Teacher of English , Head of Dedicatio House: Miss C Russell
Teacher of English, responsibility for Key stage 4: Mr C Sayer


EPR and RE

Head of EPR: Mr D Cosgrove
Teacher of EPR, Head of Veneratio House : Ms L Gilchrist


Head of Geography: Mr R Bate
Teacher of Geography: Miss B Conner
Teacher of Geography: Mrs C Ruscoe


Head of History: Mr P Cosby
Teacher of History: Mrs K Halford
Teacher of History: Mrs H Jones


Head of Mathematics: Mr Spencer – Fairbrother
Teacher of Mathematics, Second in Department: Mr P Ashcroft
Teacher of Mathematics, Responsibility for Key Stage 3: Mrs K Craggs
Teacher of Mathematics: Mrs N Horne
Teacher of Mathematics, Head of Fides House: Mrs J Jenkinson
Teacher of Mathematics and SEND: Miss E Porteous
Teacher of Mathematics, Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mr D Heaton
Teacher of Mathematics: Mr W Glew

Modern Languages

Head of Modern Languages: Mrs L Kellard
Teacher of Modern Languages, Responsibility for Key Stage 3 MFL: Mrs C Askey
Teacher of Modern Languages: Mrs H Cranie

Performing Arts

Head of Performing Arts: Ms C Walsh
Teacher of Music: Mr B Coulson
Head of drama: Mrs J Scott

Physical Education

Head of Physical Education: Mr D Yates
Teacher of Physical Education and dance: Mrs H Burrows
Teacher of Physical Education, Responsibility in PE: Mr R Cowdell
Teacher of Physical Education, Head of Libertas House: Mrs A Jones


Head of Science: Ms W Dannan
Teacher of Science: Mrs C Archer ( maternity leave)
Teacher of Science: Mrs S Maddocks
Teacher of Science: Ms V Thornton
Teacher of Science: Dr J Moore
Teacher of Science: Mr D Cook
Teacher of Science.Responsibility for Physics, Key Stage 3 and Second in Deptartment: Mr M Jones
Teacher of Science. Responsibility for Chemistry & Interventions: Mrs D Latham
Teacher of Science: Mrs D O’Neill


Core Supervisors

Senior Cover Supervisor: Mr D Neil
Cover Supervisor: Mr S Van’t San


Head of Careers: Mrs A Wardell

The Oak Suite Inclusion Centre

SENCO and Teacher of English: Miss J Roscow
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Burrows
Teaching Assistant, Responsibility for Literacy: Mrs L Sutton
Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Bielby
Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Pennington
Teaching Assistant: Mrs T Thorp

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Manager: Mrs A Crompton
Deputy Pastoral Manager: Mrs J Butler
Head of Dedicatio House: Miss C Russell
Assistant Head of Dedicatio House:Mrs M Bird
Head of Fides House:Mrs J Jenkinson/Mrs T McAlinden
Assistant Head of Fides House: Miss A Davies
Head of Veneratio House: Ms L Gilchrist
Assistant Head of Veneratio House: Miss J Hickson
Head of Libertas House: Mrs A Jones
Assistant Head of Libertas House: Mrs K McKean
Teaching Assistant and Behaviour Mentor: Mrs C Downing
Wellbeing Mentor: Mrs J Roberts

Exams Team

Exams Officer: Mr D Heaton
Data and SIMS manager: Mrs N Dickin
Exams Assistant: Mrs A Burgess


P.A. to Headteacher/Head of HR/Office Manager: Mrs J Calderbank
Clerical Assistant – Birchwood College: Mrs M Anderson
Clerical Assistant / Reprographics: Mrs H Holcroft
Clerical Assistant / Reprographics: Mrs A Burgess
Clerical Assistant / Reprographics: Mrs N Mulligan
Finance Assistant: Mrs P Swift
Data and Information Systems Manager: Mrs N Dickin
IT Manager: Mr K Nickson
IT Technician: Mr R McDonald
Communication & Events Manager: Mrs J Evans
Department Technician: Mrs D Hughes
Departmental Technician PA & History: Mr O Thomas
Departmental Technician Science: Mrs T Billsborrow
Departmental Technician – D&T, Food and Art: Miss C Mitchell

Site Staff

Site Manager: Mr P Bolton
Assistant Caretaker: Mr D McGlinchey

Catering and Midday Staff

Catering Supervisor: Mrs M Gorton
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs J Maxfield
Midday Assistant: Mrs S Montgomery
Midday Assistant: Mrs J Parker
Midday Assistant: Mrs J Wands
Assistant Chef: Ms R Powell
Assistant Cook: Mrs J Haworth
Catering Assistant: Mr R Gorton
Catering Assistant: Miss D Smith
Catering Assistant: Mrs S Brown
Catering Assistant: Ms S Burton

School Health Adviser

School Nurse: Ms P Faulkner