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It’s not just about the classroom

At Birchwood College we feel that what our students gain beyond the classroom is important for their academic development and future plans. 

There is a full programme of Information, Advice & Guidance and a dedicated Careers Officer. We offer extensive opportunities for educational visits and trips, including UCAS conventions and university visits, and sports visits to Premier League football clubs. 

All students are also offered the opportunity to take part in a residential visit abroad, which last year, was to Barcelona. In Year 12 all students take part in a week long work experience placement. This will enhance their understanding of, and develop their skills in an area which may form the basis of any possible future career.

Students are encouraged to extend their enrichment outside of college hours. At Birchwood College we actively support students who have extra-curricular commitments alongside a full time programme of study. Where possible, we offer a personalised timetable and additional support to manage their time and workload effectively. Examples of this have been within Performing Arts and with some of our national athletes.

What’s on Offer

Duke Of Edinburgh Silver Award

Work through 4 sections – physical, skill, volunteering, and a 3 day, 2 night expedition in the spring term.  Excellent on a CV/UCAS application.  Can use activities that you already currently do (i.e. voluntary placements, playing for sports teams, etc).  You do not need to have completed the Bronze Award to do this.

Study Session

This is a designated quiet study session.  It is not a social activity.  This will take place in the BC12, BC13 and BC14 and you will be required to bring work each week to complete.  This is a chance to keep on top of your work, and perhaps undertake additional tasks to further your learning.  Bear in mind – this is not a sit around and do nothing activity!

Film Studies

This is an opportunity to look at classic and modern classic movies, looking at the media theory behind them.  Are you the next Spielberg?  Or possibly another Tarrantino?  This may be the start for you then!

Active Ladies

This is a health related group for young ladies who would like to undertake some physical activity (can be from beginners – to more advanced) each week in order to improve fitness and understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  This is not necessarily for the complete sports nut!  This is also for those who currently not very active, and would like to start doing something.  Girls only!

Product Design

If you are more practically minded and would like to be creative on a Wednesday afternoon, then this may be for you.  The opportunity to utilise skills learnt at GCSE, or alternatively pick up some of those skills if you didn’t do the GCSE, and make something.  In this group you will also have the chance to work on set design for the upcoming school show.

Sports Activity

Need to throw something?  Got a build up of excess aggression?  Craving competition?  Sports Activity is for you – this is a weekly sports club where you can undertake recreational ‘unusual’ sports – just for fun!  This starts off this half term with dodgeball – bring your own spanners.

University Survival Cooking

Feeling the pressure of growing up?  Conscious that at some point soon you will probably live by yourself (perhaps at university) and you will need to cook your own food?  Are you a legend in the kitchen, or do you struggle to open a can of beans……?  This may be for you.

Football Training

Interested in playing football?  Whether you are a keen player and want to represent the college team, or whether you just enjoy football, here you will get the opportunity to play! 


This is opportunity to increase your UCAS points, by researching a topic of your choice and preparing a project, including a presentation on this topic.  It is the equivalent of an AS level and carries UCAS points.

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