Learning at Key Stage 3 

In Year 7 learners will take either French or Spanish.  These courses include how to give personal information as well as key transactional vocab that learners can apply to real life scenarios such as ordering food in a restaurant, buying things from a shop or marketplace and talking to staff in a hotel.  In Year 8 learners will begin to explore topics including family and friends, free time and describing where they live as well as undertaking cultural enrichment projects.

Key Stage 3
MFL Course Overviews 2019-20

  Year 7 - Course Overview  

  Year 8 - Course Overview  

 Learning at Key Stage 4 

Learners begin their KS4 courses in Year 9 where they will study topics including mealtimes, jobs and future plans, holidays, fashion and health with the aim of building up their vocabulary and grammar knowledge to begin studying the three GCSE themes.

In Year 10 and 11 learners will cover the 3 GCSE themes within their lessons with each theme consisting of four sub-topics. 

These themes and topics are:

Theme 1: Identity and Culture

  • Self, family and friends

  • Technology in everyday life

  • Free time activities

  • Customs and festivals

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest

  • Home, town, neighbourhood and region

  • Charity and voluntary work.

  • Poverty and homelessness

  • Holidays and travel

Theme 3: Current and Future study and employment

  • School and subjects

  • Life at school

  • University or work?

  • Choice of career

   Course Overviews   
   Extra-curricular Activities   

In KS3 we have many extra-curricular opportunities to enrich the languages curriculum.  We celebrate European day of languages in September with an international menu and competitions for our learners to enter, KS3 learners support in open evenings for prospective Year 6 learners and the department puts on foreign language cafés to give learners the opportunity to appreciate the cultural differences between the UK, France and Spain.  The department also runs an annual trip to Northern France for our Year 8 learners.  KS4 learners have the opportunity to attend GCSE booster sessions as well as attending French and Spanish film clubs that are run within the department.