Cashless Catering

Birchwood Community High School and Birchwood College offer an online payments option for paying for school dinners, trips and other items. Our partner ParentPay offers parents and carers an online account where you can securely make payments. You can access your account using a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

All parents and carers have been sent an activation letter for their child's parent pay account. If you would like a copy of your activation letter please email and tell us your child's name and form.

If you need any help please see the ParentPay FAQ and the ParentPay help pages

Important Change from 9 March 2020

From Monday 9 March 2020, learners will NOT be able to bring cash into school to pay for school meals.

We have made this decision because it is in the best interests of our school community and will lead to a healthier and happier school life for our learners. Parents and carers are often giving their child cash to spend in school which is being diverted to fast food outlets in Birchwood Shopping Centre. This change will have many benefits:


  • Fewer opportunities for learners to make unhealthy food choices in Birchwood Shopping Centre’s numerous fast food outlets.

  • Fewer energy drinks being consumed before the school day.

  • Fewer opportunities for learner-to-learner buying and selling.

  • Fewer opportunities for bullying associated with cash.

  • Less fast food litter in and around the school site.

  • Parents and carers knowing where the money they are giving to their child is being spent.


We are very well placed to make this change, since 2016 we have used Parent Pay as an online alternative to cash. 85% of our parents and carers have activated their account and majority are already using this method to pay for school dinners.


Any parents or carers who prefer not to use online payments should contact the office who will be happy to organise a Pay Point card which can be used in local shops to top up your child’s dinner money account.

Frequently asked questions

How do I activate my account?

We have a small number of Parent Pay accounts which have not been activated. All parents and carers with an account that has not been activated will receive an activation letter by 7 February.

What if I have forgotten my password?

If you have activated your Parent Pay account but you have forgotten your password you can reset it using the link below.

You will need to know your username which is usually your email address. If you cannot remember your username, contact school who will be able to let you know your username. Once an account is activated school no longer have access, so we cannot reset your account.

What if I don't use online payments?

If you do not use online payments please contact the school office and we will arrange for you to have a Pay Point card. More information, such as local shops where you can use Pay Point, is available on the Pay Point website.

It can take up to 10 working days to arrange a Pay Point card so please contact school as soon as possible if this is an option you would like to use. Finally, please note that if you top up using a Pay Point card it takes 24 hours to be available on your child’s dinner money account.