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Congratulations to Abigail Bennet who was 2nd place winner in the countrywide Alliance for Learning Teaching School Poetry Competition 2020

A massive well done to Abigail from 7IN who took second place in this year’s Alliance for Learning Teaching School poetry competition which was entitled ‘Coming Together’.

Abigail’s poem was entitled ‘2020 – A year to Remember’ and aptly described how the Covid 19 Pandemic this year, though terrible has actually Brought communities together and we coped. a really positive message as we near the end of 2020.

The competition had a significant number of entries which were judged externally by Andy Burnham, Alison Peacock, Hannah Wilson and Adrian Bethune – with Abigail being their 2nd favourite poem.

Abigail received as her prize a £20 book voucher for Waterstones, what a nice and well-deserved pre-Christmas treat.

2020 – A Year to Remember by Abigail Bennett.

Before all this happened

We were practically apart

No one ever spoke

It’s like we had on heart

Companies were growing

But hardly the trees

As they made more plastic

We were killing the seas

Everything was easy to buy

But hard to stop paying for

And even before we knew it

It came to our doors.


Suddenly, one day

A new virus spread

And the government was telling us

To keep a mask around our head

We couldn’t see others

And we had to isolate

With our annoying brothers.

Parents were going mad

Because of the schools

They had to be teachers

And try to play it cool.


But then people realised

We had to stay together

Because if we didn’t

It would be forever

So, we talked a lot more

Over the phone, of course

And we realised that

Tech was a good source

So, we met over Zoom

For quite a lot of chats

Some of us even spent time with our cats.

Captain Tom raised money

Joe Wicks did ‘keep fit’

We clapped for our carers

Even just for a bit

So even if we know

There could be more hope

2020 will always be

The year we had to cope.


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