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Self-care and taking some time for yourself is vital for our wellbeing, so enjoy our ‘Wellbeing Thursday’ this week.

Our personal wellbeing is of prime importance at present with all the added strain of the pandemic and worries about our loved ones.

Stress can have a negative effect on us all. students who are trying to carry on their education online. Parents who are trying to not only do their own jobs, look after the family and now be a support to learning and also our staff who are learning the best ways to teach online and support our key worker students whilst keeping themselves safe.

To do our little bit to encourage self-care and positive wellbeing, this Thursday we will hold ‘Wellbeing Thursday’ for both students and staff.

There will be NO LESSONS after period 2 on this day so that you can complete some of the fun activities on the pdf that will have been sent to you and can be found on the link below.

Student wellbeing support package

We also have a House Challenge, and we are looking to find the most active House. Please email photographs of you being active to your House email address and the House who sends in the most will receive 500 house points. We will also award points for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. You can only send in ONE EACH so you need to encourage EVERYBODY in your House to participate. Here are the email addresses:


Thursday is all about you, so spend the time doing things that you enjoy. As well as the fun activities suggested, you could watch your favourite film, listen to a Podcast or arrange a Zoom meeting with friends or family. Make the most of this day, recharge your batteries and take care of yourself.

News Archive

Bikeability training for year 7

Bikeability training for year 7 On During the week of March 22nd, we hope, COVID-19 permitting, to de able to deliver bike training sessions for year 7  in conjunction with BikeRight. This has been both a popular and hugely beneficial opportunity to year 7s...

Another great lockdown competition for you to take part in

The Alliance for Learning have introduced a really fun visual art competition for all you budding artists out there and not only will it appeal to our creative photographers but also to keep fitters. We all know how important it is to keep fit during lockdown  and the...

We are looking for volunteers to assist us, can you help?

In light of the government’s announcement about mass testing in schools starting in January, we are looking for volunteers in the local community who may be able to help us out. Whether that be signing students in and out, administering the testing equipment or...

What a fantastic day filled with fun, laughter and tears.

Today we held our Christmas Kindness celebration day to honour our teacher, colleague and Friend Miss Mac who sadly passed away earlier this term. Everyone loved Miss Mac and she is an inspiration to all of us at BCHS because of her courage, sense of fun, commitment...

Key stage 3 students experiment with a taste of Spain.

Key stage 3 students experiment with a taste of Spain. The wider curriculum and life experiences are a huge part of our ethos at BCHS so as part of their RSVP to Success - a list of activities and experiences for our students to try, years 7, 8 and 9 have been...

Kindness Rocks

To celebrate Anti-Bullying Week, our Year 7 students have been working hard as part of a project to spread messages of kindness in our community.   Watch this space!

Year 11 Remote Learning

Year 11 are to be educated remotely from Monday 16 November and then come back into school on Thursday 26 November. Please check your emails for letter from Ms Mills